Thursday 10 November 2016

Killing Kate
Alex Lake

Guest Review 
Julie Williams


If you like psychological thrillers then this one is for you. It kept me suspecting everyone in the book until about two thirds of the way in when it became apparent who the serial killer was, and even then there is still plenty to keep you enthralled until the very end. 

Killing Kate is a chilling, blood curdling read with fascinating characters. The serial killer is horrific and had me despising him with real hatred.

The story begins with Kate, a young woman who has just ended her long term relationship with Phil , but Phil is finding it difficult to accept as Kate is the love of his life. When Kate returns from a girlie holiday she is horrified to discover that there is a serial killer in her town whose victims just happen to look like her! She is obviously terrified and becomes paranoid as strange things happen which she can’t put down to coincidence. Fortunately Kate has a good network of friends who really come through for her when she needs them most.

A clever plot that I really enjoyed, as was Alex Lake’s previous novel, After Anna. 

This author is definitely on my list to look out for future books.

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