Sunday 27 November 2016

The Things I Should Have Told You
Carmel Harrington

Guest Review
Julie Williams


I am thrilled to meet the Guinness family in this beautifully written book. Held together by the ‘glue’ of the family Pops, Olly’s Dad, who is incidentally a very wise man, sees that his family is crumbling in front of him and uses his insight to arrange a final gift that he hopes will unite the family. 

Olly and his wife Mae have drifted apart after he lost his job and is now a stay at home Dad to their children Evie and Jamie.

As the family, some reluctantly, set off to Europe in a camper van they nickname Nomad, they are truly tested. Getting the opportunity to visit many countries and experience traditions and local food has the Guinness’s thrown together to share their fears and laughter. This adventure carefully planned from start to finish by Pops gives the family a chance to come together again.

I loved the journey of this story told by all the family members. There is laughter and tears so have your tissues ready. I have never been ‘a camper’, preferring the luxury of a nice comfortable bed, but the Nomad did have some appeal. 

While reading the Guinness’s experience in Porec Croatia it brought back a hilarious memory of last year while I haw on holiday there, as the weather wasn’t too good we decided to hire out some bicycles and ended up cycling through a nudist campsite! I can just imagine this happening to the Guinness family.

Carmel is a fabulous author and I have thoroughly loved all her books. Packed with emotion The Things I Should Of Told You makes for a great read. 

Thank you Carmel I can’t wait for the next book!

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