Friday 26 April 2019


What a fabulous cover reveal I have for you today! I love this authors books and the covers just seem to get better and better!. This beauty is out in hardback on 23rd May and I for one, can't wait!

Manchester, 1908. Attractive, intelligent Mary Maitland is furious to learn that her pompous boss will never promote her, simply because she is a woman. Despite financial support from her family, Mary is determined to strike out on her own and earn a living. She finds work at a women's employment agency, where her talent for writing is noticed and she begins publishing articles for newspapers and magazines. But in the face of strong opinions from her well-to-do family on the role of a woman, is it possible to be a dutiful daughter at the same time as spreading her wings?

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Thursday 25 April 2019

The Daughters of Ironbridge
Mollie Walton
Today, I'm delighted to be hosting the final day in The Daughters of Ironbridge by Mollie Walton Blog Tour. This is the first book in a trilogy and I can guarantee that this series will get better and better, if this one is anything to go by! My review is below and I can't wait for the next instalment...

Anny and Margaret couldn't come from more different backgrounds in life, but together, they form a secret friendship that they are determined that nobody will break...

Anny Woodvine is the daughter of John, who works at the Ironbridge foundary for the King family. He is a hard worker and will do anything for his family and therefore works all the hours he can to put food on the table. They are a close and loving family.

Margaret King lives in a world of privilege, but her world couldn't be more different from Anny's. She lives in fear of her brother Cyril, who cares for nobody but himself and feels no love from her family at all.

When Anny and Margaret meet and become secret friends, you would think that they would have nothing in common with each other, but their friendship becomes stronger when the notorious Cyril gets up to his old tricks in the woods with a servant girl and they witness his wicked behaviour first hand.

Jake Ashford is a budding artist who wants to make his name painting industrial buildings and portraits of influencial buildings and Cyril King agrees to give him a chance. Jake is a dashing chancer. Will Anny and Margaret fall for his charming demeanour?

This is a great start to a new series, which in my opinion, will only get better and better if the ending to this one is anything to go by!

Thank you to the lovely author for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour and I'm counting down to the next one!

Friday 19 April 2019

My Sister's Lies
S.D. Robertson

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Today, it's my turn on the Blog Tour for My Sister's Lies by S.D. Robertson. Thank you again to the lovely Julie Williams for reviewing for me and for keeping the blog going whilst I have been unable to. I appreciate everyone's thoughts, prayers and general loveliness whilst I have been dealing with my beautiful Mum's passing.

I hope to get back to full pelt soon with my reading and this author is one that I hope to catch up on soon as he always delivers great books! Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy Julie's review.

Another great read by S D Robertson, as this story examines a whole range of emotions mostly brought about by secrets and lies.

There are four central characters, Hannah, her husband Mark, Hannah’s twin sister Diane and Diane’s daughter Mia. They each have a difficult relationship with each other mainly due to events which occurred years ago.  These are revealed as the story progresses with Mia being the only innocent one in my eyes. 

When Diane and Mia suddenly turn up on Hannah’s doorstep after an absence of over 10 years, then leaving Mia in her care, a whole host of questions and worries set a new roller coaster in motion.

I think both Hannah and Diane had their faults and both felt guilty that they had allowed over a decade to pass with neither of them speaking.

Hannah turned to counselling during this time and some of the sessions are included chapters in this book.

Diane however focused on raising Mia and being the best Mum she could be as a single parent.

My thanks to NetGalley for the digital ARC, this is my own opinion of My Sister’s Lies.

Sunday 14 April 2019

C.L. Taylor

Guest review
Julie Williams

Today it's my turn on the blog tour for the latest book by C.L. Taylor called Sleep. Below I have a guest review by Julie Williams. I am yet to read this book as the last few months have been very traumatic for me and I can't thank the lovely Julie W enough for stepping into my blogging/reviewing shoes! Also thank you to the equally lovely author Cally Taylor, who has given me lots of support recently too.

Guest Review
I have read all of Cally’s psychological thriller books, so when I was pre-approved by Avon publishers to read her latest I was delighted. This author has the knack to keep the reader guessing right to the end of the story and Sleep is no exception.
Anna decides to have a complete change of life hoping to rid herself of the guilt she has after being the driver of a mini bus returning from a team building exercise which was involved in a tragic accident leaving her colleagues dead or severely injured.  She is desperate to sleep and overcome her night terrors which have plagued her since. A new life on the Scottish Isle of Rum awaits with Anna being employed as a hotel worker. 
One of her first duties is to welcome seven visitors to the hotel but these turn out to have complex problems of their own. Strange events occur, leaving Anna not able to trust any of them.
I liken this book to a murder mystery, who dunnit and the remoteness of the hotel certainly added to the impact of the storyline as did the different characters with their own secrets and flaws.