Monday 4 December 2023

Library with Love Podcast



Kate Thompson

Something new on the blog today and it's a review of a podcast I listened to by Kate Thompson. I love Kate's books and I am really interested in reading wartime books and so I listened to Kate's podcast From the Library with Love and I have reviewed a podcast titled Vanishing Voices of Wartime London. 


In this podcast we listen to 3 people about their wartime experiences. Marie recalls her mother's words of wisdom like "if you get lost, never ask a copper, always ask a tramp and they will get you home". 

She also talks about her evacuation. She says she was treated badly and the lady who she went to stay with cut her hair off as she thought she had lice because she came from London. Marie says she wasn't fed very well, even though her mother sent money regularly for her upkeep. When her mother found out about this, she went to pick Marie up and had such a row with the lady and punched her that a Policeman had to intervene! She took Marie home back to London after that. My Mum told me a similar story about my uncle (her brother) being treated badly when he was evacuated. Some people had a great time living in the country during the war, but for others, it was a nightmare. So sad. 

Dot Smee was another lady who spoke to Kate on the podcast. I loved hearing her singing wartime songs and Sally Flood reciting her Jewish poetry and reminiscing about her time during the war as a jewish child and the awful way she was treated. 

Listening to people talk about their lives during the war always reminds me of my dear Mum. She was 9 when war broke out and she used to tell me stories of when she was evacuated to Dorset and even though she never stayed there for very long, it always held a place in her heart and we even scattered some of her ashes down there. She even had relatives who never came back to London!

I shall continue to listen to Kate's podcasts as she talks to such interesting people. I do love a cockey voice as it reminds me of my childhood, even if I wasn't born within the sound of Bow bells, I am still proud of my South East London roots!


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