Sunday 14 April 2019

C.L. Taylor

Guest review
Julie Williams

Today it's my turn on the blog tour for the latest book by C.L. Taylor called Sleep. Below I have a guest review by Julie Williams. I am yet to read this book as the last few months have been very traumatic for me and I can't thank the lovely Julie W enough for stepping into my blogging/reviewing shoes! Also thank you to the equally lovely author Cally Taylor, who has given me lots of support recently too.

Guest Review
I have read all of Cally’s psychological thriller books, so when I was pre-approved by Avon publishers to read her latest I was delighted. This author has the knack to keep the reader guessing right to the end of the story and Sleep is no exception.
Anna decides to have a complete change of life hoping to rid herself of the guilt she has after being the driver of a mini bus returning from a team building exercise which was involved in a tragic accident leaving her colleagues dead or severely injured.  She is desperate to sleep and overcome her night terrors which have plagued her since. A new life on the Scottish Isle of Rum awaits with Anna being employed as a hotel worker. 
One of her first duties is to welcome seven visitors to the hotel but these turn out to have complex problems of their own. Strange events occur, leaving Anna not able to trust any of them.
I liken this book to a murder mystery, who dunnit and the remoteness of the hotel certainly added to the impact of the storyline as did the different characters with their own secrets and flaws. 

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