Tuesday 22 November 2016

It's Publication Day for
Small Great Things
Jodi Picoult

Guest Review
Julie Williams


I love Jodi Picoult’s books and this is another terrific read that did not disappoint. Small Great Things is so well researched that it brings this powerful and emotional book to life with harrowing honesty.

Ruth Jefferson a labour and delivery nurse for over 20 years at a Connecticut hospital is in the minority in the maternity department there. Although she has never seen it as a problem, being the only person of colour nurse there, that is until she arrives for her shift one day and asked to take over the care of newly delivered mum Brittany Bauer and her baby son Davis.

She sets about doing what she has always done but when Turk Bauer, a white supremacist says she is not to touch his son or wife a supervisor is called and Ruth is ordered not to touch Davis. A few days later after Davis has a routine circumcision the nurse assigned to monitor him is called away on an emergency leaving Ruth as the sole person to monitor the baby. When he suddenly deteriorates Ruth is in a no win situation should she try to save the baby’s life or obey her superiors written instruction not to treat him?

I really enjoyed that this book is told through three characters perspectives, Ruth, Kennedy her lawyer and Turk. We also learn about Ruth’s family and how this affects them, especially her bright and well educated son Edison. 

This thought- provoking and at times uncomfortable read certainly made me think about the effects racism can have on all sides and at times this sent shivers down my spine. Will justice prevail? I am certainly not going to give that away but be prepared for some twists.

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