Friday 21 October 2016

Christmas under a Starlit Sky
Holly Martin

Guest Review 
Julie Williams

Julie Williams does love a Holly Martin book, so I am delighted to give you her review of Christmas under a Starlit Sky. What another gorgeous Christmassy cover this book has! 

Holly has treated us to another fantastic festive read. Two Christmas books this year in A Town Called Christmas series and after reading Christmas Under A Cranberry Sky I couldn’t wait for this one as I wanted, NO needed, to discover Neve and Oakley’s story.

Set on Juniper Island in Scotland, this idyllic winter wonderland place is perfect for love and romance to blossom. 

Christmas Under A Starlit Sky picks up where Christmas Under A Cranberry Sky finishes, although both can be read as standalones. 

If you want to be left full of Christmas spirit then this book is definitely for you. 

I love the chemistry and spark between Neve and Oakley and the difficulties in their turbulent relationship. 

Holly has the wonderful gift of creating warm, loveable and interesting characters, of which there are plenty in this book. 

The passion between not only Neve and Oakley but also Ivy and Adam is beautifully written. There are plenty of ups and downs in their stories but as it’s about families that’s to be expected.

Thanks you Netgalley for this review copy and for Julie for allowing me to guest review on her blog.

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