Tuesday 11 October 2016


Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses
Carole Matthews

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw this cover pop up on social media yesterday! Anybody who knows me knows how much of a Carole Matthew's fan I am! I was so lucky to become a member of The Chocolate Lovers Club and helped to promote the Chocolate Lovers Christmas and Wedding books which were published last year. 

If I may be so bold Carole, I think (in my humble opinion) that this is quite possibly the best cover yet! In fact, I think they are just getting better and better!

This book is published in hardback on 15th December and in paperback in April 2017. So if you want to pre-order a copy of the book click here

There may not be a Christmas book this year from Carole, but I am certainly looking forward with baited breath for this one!!

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