Friday 18 March 2016

Guest Review
Julie Williams
Natalie's Getting Married
Rosa Temple


This is a book of three parts and a really easy romantic read with likeable characters.

Part One introduces the central character Natalie who has never even thought about having any kind of deep relationship with boys until she went to a university in Sheffield, where on her very first she falls hopelessly in love with Jackson Humphries. Unfortunately she has to look and love from a distance as he never even looks her way during her first year. Natalie does however find a lifelong best friend in Gabriel who without judging her, is her rock.

Part Two begins with a jump of four years. Natalie is now 25 years old and it seems has finally moved on but this stage in her life doesn’t come without old issues being revisited. There is some funny laugh out loud moments, especially concerning Bella, Natalie’s friend.

Now for the final Part Three. It starts off quite seriously and on an emotional high. Natalie appears to have matured and able to recognise the mistakes she has made in her relationships. When an opportunity arises she moves away and throws herself into her work with photography hoping to enjoy a life without any dramas.Of course the ending is predictable but who doesn’t like a happy ending?

Julie has very kindly allowed me to review this fun book on her blog as it was sent to me by the author in return for an honest review.

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  1. Thank you both so much for having me on the blog and for the terrific review!