Thursday 31 March 2016

Dear Dad
Giselle Green
Guest Review by
Julie Williams

Thank you once again to the lovely Julie Williams for coming to my rescue and reviewing this book which is getting some rave reviews over on Twitter! We also met up with the lovely Giselle Green recently at the Bloggers/Authors event in London which was hosted by the equally lovely Kim Nash from Bookouture and Holly Martin. Giselle even gave us a bookmark/postcard with a chocolate bunny taped to the back. She certainly knows how to get in our good books!! Anyway here is the review from Julie.


My review is going to start with a brief outline of the three main characters.

Nate – 27 year old War Correspondent currently suffering from panic attacks every time he attempts to leave his flat. This is due to Nate having witnessed his friend & colleague die doing a job they both loved. He is also coming to terms with the fact that his ex is to marry his best friend.

Jenna – Arrived back in the UK after fleeing Sicily after discovering her fiancé has been cheating on her.  Jenna is unsure which path in life to take as trust is a big issue now that she has been let down.

Adam – Sweet vulnerable 9year old child who lives alone with his ageing and often memory lapsed Nan. Adam has taken on the responsibility for her care, a situation which no one else is aware of. He is wise beyond his years and yearns for a relationship with his Father.

These characters are brought together when Adam is given the address of his Dad so he hand delivers a ‘Dear Dad’ letter to Nate, who responds in a remarkably caring way as although he is suffering with his own life crisis, the need to help this desperate boy takes priority.

Jenna has taken a temporary teaching post in Adam’s class and soon realises the needs of assisting both Adam and Nate despite being in a very fragile state herself.

The unintentional lie that Adam is not his child escalates and brings heartache for all three. You will have to read this emotional heart tugging book to find out if Adam's words “One day you will tell me that you are my Dad” are spoken.  I can say that I loved the characters and pleased that the delicate subjects of Post-traumatic Stress, memory loss and bullying were dealt with sensitively.

I was sent this book in return for an honest review and it has been a pleasure. Congratulations Giselle on a fabulous read and thank you Julie for allowing me to guest review once again on your blog.


  1. Hello Julie(s)! -I love the way you used that quote from my book - it's one of my favourite lines. Many thanks go to Julie W a lovely review also to Julie B for having me on your blog!