Saturday 19 March 2016

Blogger/Author Shananigans - London

Today I went along to The Waiting Room in King's Cross, London with my blogging buddy Julie Williams to a Blogger and Author meet up organised by Bookouture's Kim Nash and author Holly Martin.

It was a hugely successful afternoon as the venue was packed and I just hope I managed to at least say hello to most people, even if I didn't get to talk to all of them! 

(Julie Williams doing what she does best, having a good old chat!)

I finally met up with Kim Nash, who organised the event with Holly Martin (well done ladies!) and also had a catch up with lots of fellow bloggers, some I had met before and also some new ones. 

I met up with Tilly Tennant, which was a lovely surprise, as I have been reviewing her Once Upon a Winter series on the blog. 

(Me with Tilly Tennant)

I also met Kerry Fisher, author of The Island Escape, who is lovely and bubbly and a joy to chat to!

Julie and I met with Giselle Green, author of Dear Dad which Julie W will be reviewing on Boon's Bookcase soon!

And here I am with Rea of Rea Book Reviews, Blogger of the Year 2015 - a huge inspiration to me and I'm just a teeny bit jealous she manages to read so quickly!!

We were chatting to one blogger who nicknamed me and Julie W as "Wills & Boon".................................. I quite like it!!

A great day was had and I'm just a little bit tired now, so will settle down with a cuppa and my book!!

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