Sunday 23 May 2021

Last One At The Party

 Last One At The Party


Bethany Clift


My kids bought me a copy of this book for Mother’s Day this year and I’m not going to lie, but when I read the blurb, I wasn’t sure it was going to be my kind of genre, but from the first page I really couldn’t put it down. 

The world has been hit by a deadly virus called 6DM and anybody who comes into contact with it will die a slow, horrible death. Except one woman (who remains nameless). 

She seemed to have it all, a loving husband, a career and her future looked bright, but looks can be deceptive and she is struggling to cope with day to day life, but nothing compares her to what is in store for her once 6DM strikes. 

This book is really quite scary in places because of what has happened to the world in the last year or so and certain similarities, but it is also so funny in parts it made my stomach hurt and then in the next breath I was wiping away the tears.

I don’t really want to give too much of the story away, but you feel you are going on a journey of survival with the character and I found myself reading late into the night to find out what happens. 

I’m still a bit mystified about the ending, but the only thing I can hope is that there is going to be a sequel because I for one will be bashing the door of the bookshop down to get a copy!

A great debut from the author and it just goes to show, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover!



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