Tuesday 2 July 2019

Forget Me Not
Claire Allan
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When Elizabeth is walking her dog early one morning, she comes across a woman lying in a ditch. She hurries over to her and finds her just clinging to life. She tries her very best to keep her alive, but hears the words "warn them" and then she fades away. The body is of a young woman by the name of Claire.

Rachel and Julie are Claire's close friends from their school days and are absolutely devastated to hear that their friend has been murdered and brutally at that.

Rachel is married to Paul but has a secret and is trying her utmost to keep it from her husband and two daughters.

Julie is struggling with Claire's death and is falling apart before everyone's eyes.

Elizabeth is trying to keep her own past private, having lost her own daughter to suicide two years previously, but little does she know that Claire knew her daughter Laura and that the killer is linking all the school friends together. Does this mean that they are all in danger?...

Another fabulous read by Claire Allan and one that, given the time, I could read in practically one sitting! It made me suspect everyone and is a real page turner of a book! I'm not giving away any spoilers, so you will just have to get yourself a copy!

I really can't wait to read more from this author.

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