Wednesday 29 November 2017

The Secret Child
Kerry Fisher 

Guest Review
Julie Williams
Publication Day!

I loved this emotion packed story from the start it has characters that I really connected with. 

Set in Portsmouth in the 1960’s part 1 is told by Susie who is forced to give birth to her second child In a Mother and Baby place and then give her baby boy Edward up for adoption. Susie finds the whole experience harrowing and insists on caring for her son for the first six weeks of his life, which she cherishes, before the fateful day arrives where he is handed over to complete strangers.

As her story unfolds we learn of the impact this event has had on Susie, the torment she endures and the effect of those around her. Often her husband Danny and two daughters Louise and Grace bear the brunt of the guilt and regret she feels, yet she is unable to tell them her secret. 

With the birth date etched firmly in her mind Susie secretly reminisces each year causing even further relationship problems in the household. Her friend Jeanie is the only other person to share her true feelings with but Susie is always on tenterhooks in case she lets slip her secret.  

Part 2 is told by grace and I found her story particularly captivating as the relationship between her and her Mother is turned on its head with heart felt outcomes. As the truth reveals itself it is like a bomb exploding. How each member of the family react is not predictable. 

My thanks to Net Galley for the ARC, this is my own opinion . 

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