Friday 17 November 2017

The Missing twin
By Alex day
Published 18/08/17
Harper Collins –Killer Reads
Guest Review
Julie Williams

This gripping psychological thriller debut was hard to put down, it had my attention throughout which is just what I like for this book genre. 

Edie has always felt inferior to her twin sister Laura but of course they are the best of friends.  When Laura joins Edie on a surprise visit to the gorgeous island where Edie is now living and working she couldn’t be happier to have her sister there. However this joy is short lived as no sooner that Laura arrives, she goes missing without a trace and Edie cannot seem to get any help in her search, even from her boyfriend Vuk, who is a particularly strange character.

Fatima’s story tells a completely different one yet it is also addictive to read. When Fatima arrives home with her twin girls she cannot believe what she is faced with, as her home has been reduced to rubble and her beloved husband dead. She decides that she must make the torturous journey to find a new country to give both her and the girls a better life away from the war torn country they have lived in. Fatima endures trauma and tragedy beyond belief yet it is these experiences that give her a new strength and courage.

The chapters of this book alternate between Edie and Fatima’s stories and when reading I kept wondering just they are connected.

A compelling read with a massive twist at the end that is so unexpected.

5 Stars *****

My thanks to Net Galley for the ARC this is my own honest opinion. 

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