Monday 30 October 2017

Last Seen
Lucy Clarke

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Harper Collins
5 Stars

A story of family and friendships that breakdown when two children go out to play on the beach one day but only one returns.

Set on an English beach I loved the beach hut community on The Sandbank where they all know each other or so they think!

The tragedy of Isla’s son Marley, missing presumed drowned shakes them all to the core and when seven years later Sarah’s son Jacob disappears, that fateful day resurfaces along with many unanswered questions.  As the days pass with no news of Jacob suspicions are rife, are the two mysterious incidents linked?

What a fabulous book this is with its never ending twists and turns. I was gripped from the beginning and suspected everyone. I found myself searching for hidden clues but as the story unravels I was shocked by the revelations.

This novel addresses Mother and child bonds which become threatened when hidden secrets and lies are uncovered. Friendships are broken beyond repair; you are certainly in for a treat with this read.

Thanks to Net Galley for the ARC, this is my honest opinion of Last Seen.

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