Friday 13 October 2017

Fatal Masquerade
Vivian Conroy

It's my turn today on the Fatal Masquerade BLOG TOUR. I have a guest post by the author for you.

Meet the cast for this masked ball adventure ...

Lady Alkmene - used to grand parties, but still impressed with her hostess's efforts: Chinese lanterns everywhere, boats on the waterways, flower arrangements full of priceless orchids and birds of paradise. A night of lighthearted fun seems guaranteed. But why is her best friend Denise so nervous? And what is reporter Jake
Dubois doing at a party he should despise for its opulence? Jake Dubois - reporter who can't stand titles or wealth. And who never says no to a challenge. And his task at the masked ball is a challenge indeed, especially with Lady Alkmene around to ask questions about his presence and ... stumble onto a dead body!
Mrs Hargrove - perfect hostess and reluctant stepmother to the volatile Denise, who claims to know a little secret about her. A little secret that could just ruin everything Mrs Hargrove worked so hard to achieve. She can't let that happen ...
Mr Hargrove - oil magnate and aviation enthusiast, supposedly working on a new engine, eager to get acquainted with the upper ten and move up the social ladder, but having your guests questioned by the police might not be the best way to go about that. Denise Hargrove - determined to make this the night of her life. But is the one guest she is waiting for really who he claims to be?
Relatives who jump at their own shadow, a sinister psychiatrist who can't stop talking about poison cases, conniving staff, and disaster is just waiting to strike. Trust Alkmene to be in the heart of it. With Jake by her side, she can crack the case, can't she? But this time things are different. This time the danger is closer to home than ever before ...

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