Monday 15 February 2016


The Chocolate Lovers' Wedding
Carole Matthews

I was very lucky to receive a hardback copy of this book as I am honoured to be a member of The Chocolate Lovers’ Club with Little Brown Books, so as soon as I finished The Chocolate Lovers’ Christmas it was straight on to this beauty!

Again, it continues from where the other book left off, with the lives of Lucy, Chantal, Nadia and Autumn.

Lucy is engaged to Crush (Aiden) and is happily planning her wedding but there is something clouding her happiness and that is that she is no longer Manageress at Chocolate Heaven. Can she ever be happy in a job again, or will she get her claws back into running her beloved chocolate shop??

Chantal is busy bringing up Lana who is a lively toddler when starts to feel unwell.  Could Chantal have something serious going on??

Nadia has fallen head over heals in love with James??? He has two children of his own who get on brilliantly with Lewis. What could possibly hold her back? Well the fact that he is a farmer living in Cumbria and has no intention of moving South could be an obstacle.

Autumn is finally getting to know her daughter Willow, who she had to give up for adoption many years ago. She is a difficult, troubled teenage, but Autumn is patient and eventually they start forming the relationship that Autumn only ever dreamed off.

Another masterpiece by Carole Matthews in bringing  the lives of these four ladies of The Chocolate Lovers’ Club up to date. There were some serious issues in this book, but delivered beautifully by the author with some great laugh out loud moments in between!

I shall miss these ladies, please don’t leave it too long before we have another update Carole!!

* * * * *

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