Tuesday 1 December 2015

Welcome to December and the beginning of Advent! today I am pleased to host The Return of The Christmas Spirit by Susan Buchanan Blog Tour

Christmas is just around the corner when Star begins working at Butterburn library, but not everyone is embracing the spirit of the season.
Sixteen-year-old Arianna’s mock exams are looming and she’s feeling under pressure. With her father living abroad and her mother working three jobs, she doesn’t have much support at home.
The bank is threatening to repossess Evan’s house, and he has no idea how he’s going to get through Christmas with two children who are used to getting everything they want.
Patricia’s cliché of a husband, after 23 years of marriage, has announced he’s moving out of the family home, and moving in with his secretary.
Daniel is doing the work of three people in his sales job, as well as looking after his kids and his wife. Pulled in too many different directions, he’s feeling stressed out.

Can Star, the library’s Good Samaritan, help set them on the path to happiness this Christmas?


This is one of those feel good Christmas books that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling once you have finished it!

Star is working in her local library for the festive season, where many of the customers are not looking forward to Christmas in one way or another.

Arianna is studying for her exams and has the added pressure of not seeing much of her mother as she is holding down numerous jobs to keep afloat.

Evan is struggling to make ends meet after losing his job.

Patricia is in shock after her husband tells her he is leaving.

Daniel is also struggling to cope with the day to day life of bringing up 3 children whilst his wife is suffering from depression.

All these people could do with a helping hand, I wonder who would be able to do that and steer them in the right direction? Star has a magical way of putting these people in the right place at the right time!

I liked the mixture of characters in this book. All had believable stories to tell of life getting them down and then getting a “helping hand” to steer them in the right direction to make things better for them.

This was a lovely Christmassy story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I actually felt like the story could have been a bit longer (it’s not often I say that about books!).

Thank you to JB Johnston and Brook Cottage Books for sending me a copy to review.

About the Author

Susan Buchanan lives in Central Scotland with her partner, Tony, and their two children. She is the author of four novels: Return of the Christmas Spirit, The Christmas Spirit, The Dating Game, and Sign of the Times. She is currently working on book five, What If.

Susan is also a proofreader, editor and translator, and when not working, writing, or caring for her two delightful cherubs, loves reading, the theatre, quiz shows and eating out - not necessarily in that order!


  1. Thanks Julie for your lovely review. So glad you enjoyed Return of the Christmas Spirit. An early Merry Christmas to you - well, it IS December now! Susan

  2. I will chceck this out. I can never have enough warm, fuzzy reads, especially around the holidays.