Wednesday 7 October 2015

The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance by Kirsty Greenwood – Guest review by Julie Williams

I signed up to the Readathon Hospitals Fundraising Event arranged by Jennifer Marston where participants initially had to vote which book they wanted to read. The clear winner was this book , (although I have to admit it wasn't the one that I voted for!) 

The challenge was to read and review it in 24 hours on 4th October 2015. Unfortunately it took me slightly longer due to other commitments.

As I am not a Blogger, Julie (Boon's Bookcase) has kindly let me review this on her blog.

As I love Chick Lit I was more than happy to download onto my kindle and get stuck in!

This is an easy read as it is quite funny with not too many but interesting characters.

Jess Beam is the central character who is the 'party girl' of Manchester but has huge commitment issues. All that changes when her life is suddenly turned upside down and she moves in with her Grandmother and she discovers the truth about her parents lives through hidden diaries.

I am pleased that Jess does overcome her relationship issues and the ability to care for others. As I don't want to give anything away you will have to read this book yourself and discover just how she gets on!!

Thank you to Julie Williams for being a Guest Reviewer for this book.

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