Monday 12 October 2015

A Kiss from France by Susan Hughes Blog Tour

Dangerous munitions work links two very different women in WWI Britain. Ambitious Lizzie Fenwick puts a note in a box of ammunition shells which triggers an exciting wartime romance. In the face of increasing casualty figures, patriotic Eunice Wilson is overcome with regret for shunning her conscripted husband. Events soon mean Lizzie must make hard choices and accept that a less romantic future beckons. Meanwhile, Eunice attempts to cope with personal tragedy. Peace returns, but with it comes the discovery of a betrayal which sets the two women on a potential collision course where they must confront everything they thought they knew about love and loyalty. And let go of what they want to hold on to most.


I do love a wartime saga and as I come from London I love to read anything about my hometown and what life was like during World War I and II, so when I was asked if I would like to review this book I jumped at the chance!

The story is set during and after WWI and focuses on three women's lives during the war and how they copied with life while the men were away fighting for their country and then when the soldiers returned home and how they coped with "normal life".

Lizzie Fenwick works in a munitions factory along with Peggy. When Lizzie puts a note in a box full of ammunition to wish a soldier good luck she doesn't realise the consequences her actions will cause when the note is found by Harry Slater.

Meanwhile Eunice is married to Jack who is sent to the trenches in France after initially not enlisting quick enough for Eunice. She feels he is a bit of a coward at first and the story of their lives is just heart breaking and tragic and the author tells this beautifully.

The events in this book were obviously researched thoroughly and were very well described. How the different characters lives turned out and intertwined throughout their lives was just great.

The only negative thing I would say about this book was that I personally didn't want the ending to turn out as it did, but that is just a personal thing. 

I would love to read more from this author and would like to thank JB Johnson at Brook Cottage Books for sending me a copy for review. 

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