Sunday 14 June 2015

This book post made my day.......

Yesterday I received in the post a copy of Kate Rhode's latest book in the Alice Quentin series which is due to be published on 18th June (my birthday!!). So can you imagine how delighted and overwhelmed I was to not only receive a copy hot off the press, but to find out that Kate has mentioned me on page 323 in her acknowledgements!! 

I love Kate Rhode's work and came across her books quite by accident when I was researching about the Crossbones Cemetery in South East London and by Googling the name I saw her first book in the series Crossbones Yard on Amazon and promptly bought it! From then on I have been hooked on her work and always eagerly await her new books. 

I constantly badger her on Twitter, asking when the next instalment is due (sorry Kate!) and have even made a few Twitter friends in the process!! 

Thank you Kate for writing such gripping, spine tingling novels that have me gripped from beginning to end and always leave me wanting more. I love them!

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