Tuesday 3 October 2023

The Ghost of Gosswater

 The Ghost of Gosswater


Lucy Strange

The Lake District, 1899

The Earl is dead and cruel Cousin Clarence has inherited everything.

Twelve-year-old Lady Agatha Asquith is cast out of Gosswater Hall to live in a tiny, tumbledown cottage with a stranger who claims to be her father.

Aggie is determined to discover her real identity, but she is not alone on her quest for the truth.

On the last day of the year, when the clock strikes midnight, a mysterious girl of light creeps through the crack in time; she will not rest until the dark, terrible secrets of the past have been revealed ...


Lady Agatha loses the only father she ever knew. He just happens to be the Earl of Gosswater Hall, but because she is a girl, she cannot inherit anything and so the Hall and all its’ contents go to her cousin Clarence. 

Agatha is tossed out of Gosswater and told she had to go and live in a small cottage with her real father Thomas. 

As she isn’t a Lady by birth, she now goes by the name Aggie and tries to build a life with her father. They do not hit it off initially, but they soon get into a routine together and things start to improve. 

As Aggie knows she hasn’t inherited anything , she takes something from the Hall which she knows is rightfully hers, but Clarence is on her tail and wants it back, whatever the cost…

Aggie is determined to find out if the Earl of Goswater did provide for her and also if Thomas is her father, who was her mother? 

I loved this book and read it it only a few days. It kept me gripped and I can’t wait to read more from this author. 

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