Monday 16 May 2022

The Summer Fair


Heidi Swain


Thank you so much to my lovely friend Julie Williams who has very kindly reviewed yet another of Heidi's books and you can read her great review below. 


I love Heidi Swain’s book so I was so pleased to be back in Nightingale Square with its familiar characters and new ones.

This time we are introduced to Beth who has the lucky opportunity to move into the square after previously living with a group of people who take her for granted and are downright messy. 

Beth moves in to house share with Eli who seems to keep to himself and is almost perfect except he plays loud music when he is in. This is a problem for Beth as she has eradicated music totally from her life for a while now due to events in her past. 

Beth works in a care home which she loves and especially adores its quirky residents who definitely keep her on her toes.

Her past catches up with her when she discovers her old friend Pete working in a local music shop, at first she avoids him but soon realises that this is impossible. 

Between Pete, Eli and the care home residents Beth’s love of music is rekindled and a spark is ignited with a special character.

This book can be read as a standalone but as all Heidi’s previous ones are fabulous they too are too good to miss.

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