Wednesday 14 October 2020

The Quickening

The Quickening
Rhiannon Ward

This is the first novel in a change of genre for Rhiannon Ward (Sarah Ward) and luckily, I was sent a copy for review (thank you) which you can read below. 
This is an atmospheric, autumnal read which is perfect for this time of year! Thankfully, not as scary as I thought it might have been as I don't like jumpy books, but nevertheless, kept me on the edge of my seat sometimes!


Louisa Drew is a photographer who is commissioned to take photos of the contents of Clewer Hall for its' sale so that the family can go and start a new life in India. Poor Louisa lost her first husband Bertie during WWI and also her twin sons in the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.

Now married again to Edwin and expecting another child, Louisa is trying to earn a living to keep their heads above water, so taking a job away from home for 10 days is a welcome break from the unhappiness she feels towards her second husband and her miserable existence since the death of her beloved Bertie and her sons. 

As Louisa starts to take pictures of the contents of the house, she finds out that a séance is going to be recreated that first took place in 1896. She is introduced to the Medium, Ada, who, when she realizes Louisa is heavily pregnant, warns her to leave the house as soon as she can. Louisa is made of stern stuff and just a bit stubborn! So decides to stay to finish her commission.

George is a journalist from London who also arrives at Clewer Hall to report on the séance and is full of admiration for Louisa because she is an independent, married woman earning a living in an era when this was a rarity. Little does he yet know that Louisa would rather work than be at home (also in London) with Edwin, who she is not in love with.

Obviously, things don't go to plan and strange things start to happen for Louisa and with the warnings she receives about leaving the house, she is determined to find out  why there is such a dark, oppressive atmosphere at Clewer Hall.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and really hope that the author decides to write more. Very easy reading with short chapters that left you wanting to read a bit more at the end of every one!

Thank you so much to the author for sending me a copy to review. 


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