Saturday 16 May 2020

People Like Us
Louise Fein
As soon as I read the blurb about this book, I just knew it was going to be my cup of tea! I loved it and you can read my review below. If you love books like The Tattooist of Auschwitz, then you will love this heart-wrenching read.

About the book

Leipzig, 1930's Germany.

Hetty Heinrich is a young girl growing up under Nazi rule. With an SS officer father, a brother in the Luftwaffe and a member of the BDM, Hetty is the epitome of a perfect German child.
But Walter changes everything. Blond haired, blue-eyed, perfect in every way Walter. The boy who saved her life. A Jew.
As she falls more and more in love with a man who is against all she has been taught, Hetty begins to question everything. Will the steady march of dark forces destroy their world, or can love ultimately triumph?
Perfect for fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz, The Book Thief and Kate Furnivall.

Hetty is the daughter of an SS Officer and lives in a big house with her parents and her brother Karl. She has heard rumours about how they got to live in the house, but she believes her father (Vati) is a very important man and it came with his job. Little did she know, that a jewish family had to give up the right to live their just because of their faith.

Whilst playing in a lake when she was young, Hetty is saved by Walter who she knows she will be eternally grateful to. She develops a crush on him, with his blond hair and blue eyes and at the very least, wants to be friends with him, but when his family is sent away she doesn't understand why, because surely he can't be a jew?

Meanwhile Tomas has feelings for Hetty, but will his intentions be honourable?

This is a fabulous story of love, loss, friendship, loyalty and so many other feelings and I truly loved it. I really don't want to give too much away of the storyline as I think you need to read it for yourself to catch the atmosphere of the era.

A wonderfully researched book which had characters you will love and hate at the same time! I wouldn't hesitate to read another book by this author.

About the author

Louise Fein holds an MA in Creative Writing from St Mary’s University. Prior to studying for her master’s, she ran a commodity consultancy business following a career in banking and law. She lives in Surrey with her family. People Like Us is inspired by her family history, and by the alarming parallels she sees between the early 30s and today.

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