Thursday 30 April 2020

Wartime at Liberty's
Fiona Ford


Congratulations to author Fiona Ford on the paperback publication day for the third instalment in the Liberty series, Wartime at Liberty's. I have my copy on order and as soon as it arrives, I am going to read how the girls are getting on! Look out for my review soon...
In the meantime, you can read a snippet below and if this has wet your appetite, then you can start by reading Christmas at Liberty's and then The Liberty Girls. If you are a saga lover you will be hooked I can guarantee it!

London, 1942
Flo Canning’s heart is beyond repair following the news that she has been dreading since the outbreak of war. As Flo throws herself into the role of fabric manager at Liberty’s, old and new friends alike help pull her from a whirl of despair.
Between work and home life there’s plenty to keep Flo occupied. Not least new deputy store manager, Henry Masters, whose arrival has consequences that Flo and her workmates could never have foreseen.
But there is more tragedy still to come, and Flo and her friends will need each other more than ever if they are to survive the uncertainty ahead.

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