Saturday 8 September 2018

You Let Me In
Lucy Clarke

It's my stop on the Blog Tour for You Let Me In, the new novel by Lucy Clarke. I have a review for you by my lovely guest reviewer, Julie Williams, who has read all of Lucy's previous books and nearly took my arm off to read and review this one!


I have been eagerly waiting for a new Lucy Clarke book to be written as not only do I love psychological thrillers, but I always enjoy this author’s breath holding chilling tales. Lucy’s writing cave is a beach hut so it’s not surprising that she incorporates the sea into all her novels.

Elle, currently separated from her husband Flynn, is talked into renting out her perfect, Cornish coastal house to a stranger on AirBNB. She is not altogether comfortable with this idea, but the money will come in handy so she puts her valuables away and locks her precious writing room and heads off on a break in France.

On her return Elle senses that things aren’t what they should be and doubt lingers as she discovers her writing room unlocked, her late Mother’s brooch missing from her coat and other things that makes her paranoid and at times doubting her own sanity.

Under pressure and desperate to meet her publishers’ deadline for her second book deal, which she has been paid a hefty sum upfront, the words just won’t flow. Panic sets in as if it doesn’t get published then her home will be at risk, losing her dream home is not an option she wants to contemplate. 

As further strange events occur no one escapes Elle’s suspicions or mine either.

The last few chapters give us the reveal and what a surprise it is, I had no idea which is both refreshing and exciting as a reader.

A chilling, pacy story that had me hooked from start to finish. 

Many thanks for the book Julie and for the honour to guest review it for the blog tour on your blog.

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