Wednesday 2 May 2018

The Fear
C.L. Taylor

I am absolutely delighted to be a part of the huge Blog Tour for C.L. Taylor's latest psychological thriller The Fear. I have read all of this author's books and I count her as one of my favourite authors. Her books seem to get better and better and I devoured this one in just over a day (a record for me!!). I have always had a soft spot for Cally's first thriller The Accident, but I think this may have pipped it to the post!! I have even recommended this book whilst browsing around Waterstone's when people have been looking at the cover!! If you haven't read this, or any other of C.L. Taylor's novels, then I can only say, why not!! they are gripping, a bit dark and on more than one occasion, I found myself holding my breath!! Oh, and I actually gasped out loud when reading the last page.........


Why is it when you read a fabulous book, it's always so hard to review it?! I have enjoyed all of C.L. Taylor's previous books and before I read this one I had seen a lot of people saying this one is her best yet, so obviously I had to read it as soon as I could to see what all the fuss was about!

Lou Wandsworth has tried so hard to forget her past, but sometimes unfinished business makes the past come back and haunt you. As a 15 year old, Lou fell in love with Mike who was twice her age. They elope to France where Lou dreams of endless days of holding hands and happy ever afters, but the reality is far from that. Mike becomes aggressive, possessive and almost takes on another personality, leaving Lou frightened and desperate to escape.

Now, aged 32, Lou is moving back to her childhood home to sort out her late father's estate and to her horror, she discovers Mike with a young girl at a garden centre and all the past comes crashing back around her ears.

Chloe Meadows is falling into the same trap as Lou did all those years ago. Can Lou get to Chloe and help her away from Mike's clutches before it's too late?.....

There have been many gripping psychological thrillers in the past where reviewers have said that they were on the edge of their seat, but in this case, I really was! I often found myself holding my breath and having to take a couple of minutes to take everything in!

The author deals with some difficult issues in this book very sensitively and the research that obviously went into it shows as it is expertly written and you feel Lou's fear, pain, her highs and lows and when you see what is happening to Chloe you just want to shout at her "NO"!!!

C.L. Taylor is just getting better and better with every book. I always had a soft spot for The Accident as it was her first book and also The Lie was the first Blog Tour and book event I ever went to as a book blogger!

I have recommended this book countless times and have even recommended it in Waterstones once! Well done Cally on yet another fantastic read. People often mention a twist when reading psychological thrillers and I can honestly say that the last chapter and page made me gasp out loud! One of my favourite books of the year for sure and one that I feel I could read again and again.

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