Friday 4 August 2017

How Not to Fall in Love, Actually
Catherine Bennett

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Review by Julie Williams

I must start off this review of How Not to fall in Love, Actually by saying what a fun read this is. 

Emma George’s life is chaotic to say the least and contributing to this is her ‘head in the clouds’ boyfriend Ned. 

When Emma discovers that she is pregnant, she makes a brave decision to leave Ned and start a new life for herself. Joe, a drunken stranger, turns up on her doorstep one night and ends up staying not only as her lodger but also as a reliable dependable friend.

I did find that at times Emma could be a bit ‘woe is me’ but nevertheless I thought this novel entertaining and fun packed with plenty of laugh out loud moments to brighten my day.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

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