Friday 5 May 2017

Another Love
Amanda Prowse

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Guest Review

Romilly Wells had it all, a fantastic well paid job she loved, a gorgeous house in an affluent area, loving husband David and beloved daughter Celeste. Then Romilly discovers another love, alcohol and this changes their lives in the most destructive unimaginable way. 

Romilly doesn’t believe she is an alcoholic even though she is experiencing self-loathing and is fully aware of the impact her excessive drinking and consequently her behaviour is having on her family. 

It takes many years to accept the fact that she needs help and support in order to fight her addiction. Subsequently Romilly is sent to two different rehabilitation centres but both without success, and it’s not until she finally hits rock bottom that she sees now is time to seek the help she desperately needs.

This emotional tear jerker read explores just how alcoholism is an indiscriminate illness which affects ordinary people with catastrophic results. This amazing story is told with alternating chapters between Romilly and Celeste. Both endure daily struggles that pull at your heart strings. 

Another love is yet another fabulous book by the talented Amanda Prowse whose writing always has me enthralled and eagerly waiting for the next book release.

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