Thursday 30 March 2017

Where the Wild Cherries Grow
Laura Madeleine
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In 1919 Emeline Vale is trying to forget her demons by taking a lethal cocktail of medication. Her family are trying to get her committed and she is trying to do everything she can to get out of their grip. Whilst on a train journey to what she can only presume is an asylum, she decides to make a run for it, with near fatal consequences.

Meanwhile in the 1969, trainee Solicitor Bill Perch is asked to find out if Emeline is still alive so that the sale of the family home can go ahead to make way for a holiday camp.

Whilst Bill is looking through documents and remnants from the past, he comes across a diary written by Emeline. Will this reveal what really happened to her all those years ago?......

I  really enjoyed the alternating chapters from 1919 to 1969. It was such a lovely, feelgood book and you couldn’t help feeling sorry for Emeline. She certainly got under Bill Perch’s skin and he just had to find out what happened to her, even if it meant crossing the channel to find out.

What a lovely read and can’t wait to read more from this author.

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