Tuesday 21 June 2016

Sleepless in Manhattan
Sarah Morgan

Guest Review 
Julie Williams


This is the first instalment of a fabulous new trilogy from the Manhattan With Love series by Sarah who definitely owns Queen of Romance title in my opinion.

Three best friends Paige, Eve and Frankie live and work together in Manhattan what could go wrong?

Well first all of them get the sack, then Paige, who this book canters on acts on her feelings for her brother Matt best friend Jake, who just happens to be desired by nearly every woman in New York!

After a few smouldering hot dates Paige decides to bite the bullet and tell him just how she feels and that she has loved him for many years.

Unfortunately commitment is not a word in Jakes vocabulary as he is scared of love and eventually tells her the reason why.

This is a book of solid friendships, success and true love. I personally cannot wait for book two Sunset In Central Park which is out in July as I know I will be in for another treat this time with Frankie’s story.

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