Monday 11 April 2016

How Many Wrongs Make a Mr Right?
Stella Hervey Birrell

Cover Reveal 

How Many Wrongs make a Mr Right is Stella Hervey Birrell’s debut, a chick-lit-with-grit novel set in the Lake District and Edinburgh. 

Read on for an extract:

We go straight through the living room and the kitchen and out to Gerry’s little backyard. Sid is poking at the barbecue, and there’s someone sitting on the low wall with his back to us. It’s a perfect evening, the sun is low, but it’s still warm. The light is that lovely pinkish colour which makes everything look like you’ve got tinted sunglasses on. I can hear a blackbird whistling in another garden, and Sid is mocking Gerry’s barbecuing skills. But I don’t really hear what they’re saying, because the man sitting on the low wall turns round, and bloody hell. He’s drop dead gorgeous.

You know people sometimes say, ‘Well I just knew straight away, the first time I met my husband/partner etc. I just had a feeling about them.’ Well this is definitely, definitely that feeling. His presence has pushed all the air from my lungs, and my tummy does a dip thing like when you miss a step, and I feel an instant connection with this man. He’s smiling at me now, and holding out his hand.

‘Melissa, this is James,’ says Gerry, tipping me a surreptitious wink.

‘Hi, nice to meet you,’ I say. Oh my, I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life. This is going to be the story I will be telling our grandchildren, when they ask how I met their granddad.

‘Melissa. Melissa?’ Gerry has clearly asked me something. He looks very pleased with himself for being a top matchmaker, and everyone in the garden has noticed I can’t take my eyes off James. And I’m still shaking his hand! ‘I said, would you like a beer?’ Gerry clarifies, now openly laughing at me. I admit at this point I deserve it.

About the Author

Stella Hervey Birrell is an emerging writer of women’s fiction living in East Lothian, Scotland. She has lived in various places in Scotland and England and has had various jobs, none of which have paid particularly well. Her experience of Mr Wrongs is unparalleled, but she found a happy ending with her husband and two children, even though there appears to be a lot of laundry in ‘ever after.’

How Many Wrongs… is her first novel, and is published with Crooked Cat Books.
Stella also writes short stories, sings in a band, yells at her kids a lot and most days can hardly believe her luck.

How to find me! Please come and say ‘hi’ in one or more of these places

Twitter is @atinylife140
I can also be found wandering the streets of various East Lothian villages.

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