Tuesday 15 September 2015

The Parent Trap (Book 3) 
Tilly Tennant 
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A shock development turns Phoebe’s world upside-down. But it’s one that Jack has difficulty coming to terms with too, and they seem to be growing further and further apart. Archie continues to stir up trouble between them, until one night his reckless actions almost end in tragedy. And he’s not the only one causing problems in Phoebe’s life, as Midnight adds her own peculiar spanner in the works.

Phoebe buries herself in her job, and it looks as though Hendry’s might actually be on the road to financial recovery. But if she loses Jack and Midnight, what will it all be for?


I am loving this “mini series” about Phoebe and her relationship with Jack and his adorable daughter Maria.

In this book Phoebe is still trying to get to grips with her new job in the toy store and to keep away from the boss’ son (who has a roaming eye!).

Jack’s brother Archie continues to cause upset within the family and there is a brilliant scene in the book when they are having dinner to which Archie was not invited and he turns up – you can imagine how that turns out!! Families eh, who’d have em!!

Jack is very much a Mummy’s Boy and he seems to worry about what his Mum thinks of him and I think this is causing him to have doubts about his relationship with Phoebe, until a spanner is put into the works and their whole relationship is put under pressure!

I am already looking forward to the last instalment of this book and fingers crossed everything will work out for the best!

Thank you to Brook Cottage Books and Tilly Tennant for letting me review this lovely series.

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