Wednesday 20 May 2015

Welcome to the first stop on The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher Blog Tour.....

I am very honoured to be the first host on The Island Escape Blog Tour. 

About the Author

Kerry was brought up in Peterborough. She now lives in Surrey with a very tolerant husband and two children. She studied at Bath University and speaks fluent Italian, Spanish and French. She also trained as a journalist at City University, then went on to write travel guidebooks for Thomas Cook.

After landing her dream job working on women’s magazines, she discovered that she hated writing about real people in case their families got upset.The Writers’ Program at the University of California helped her move from fact into fiction – the perfect forum for exploring human emotions without worrying about some poor mother weeping over her son’s account of his childhood.


I loved the cover of this book from the very first time I saw it and just knew it would be a book I would enjoy. 

The two main characters are Octavia and Roberta who have been best friends for years and the first part of the book describes their lives both in the past and what they are doing at the present time. Roberta is married to Scott, an Australian who I instantly disliked, but the author made the other characters in the book dislike him, so I wasn't the only one!! They have one daughter Alicia.

Octavia is married to Jonathan and they have 3 children Charlie, Poppy and Immy. Their lives are different to Roberta's as they live a chaotic lifestyle with everything being done in a rush, something Roberta cannot deal with! 

The title is somewhat misleading for a lot of the book because you don't know much about the Island until three quarters of the way through as the author is leading up to how Octavia gets there.

I don't want to give any spoilers away so won't say much more other than I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think it is a great summer holiday read. It's very funny in parts, as well as touching on serious subjects. 

It was a lovely, easy read with great characters and would thoroughly recommend this book. I haven't read Kerry's first book The School Gate Survival Guide, but I have it on my TBR pile so will definitely be giving that one a read!! Well done Kerry, I think this is going to be a summer smash!!


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