Wednesday 14 September 2016

The Secret Wife
Gill Paul
Book Launch

Recently I was very lucky enough to be sent an invitation to Gill Paul's book launch for The Secret Wife. It was held in The Open Russia Club in Hanover Square on what was one of the hottest days of the year! There were lots of cold drinks to quench everyone's thirst, along with cupcakes and of!

The Secret Wife tells the story of Grand Duchess Tatiana and Cavalry Officer Dmitri and how events changed their lives forever. A moving and tragic love story that had me in tears on more than one occasion!

This story was so fascinating that I am hoping to read more about the Romanovs and what may have happened to them during the Great War.

Many thanks to Gill Paul for inviting me to the book launch, it was a great evening and i'm sure this book will be a huge success, it certainly deserves to be.


I was really eager to read this book as I loved the author’s previous novel (No Place for A Lady) and was lucky enough to get on to the Blog Tour for The Secret Wife. It did not disappoint! It is beautifully written and can only apologise that I didn’t get to finish it in time to review for the blog tour!

This is a dual storyline book that tells you the story of Grand Duchess Tatiana who nurses Dmitri when he injures his leg during the war. They soon become very close and when Dmitri is discharged from hospital they start planning their lives together.

Meanwhile in 2016 Kitty is trying to overcome a broken heart as her husband Tom has cheated on her and decides to flee to a cabin she has been left by her Great Grandfather Dmitri on the shores of Lake Akanabee in America to lick her wounds, only to discover a brooch amongst other things at the cabin that is a genuine Faberge!

This is an amazing storyline and has obviously been researched thoroughly by the author. The characters in this book were superbly written and described and I found myself feeling so sad for Tatiana and what her possible fate would be. I had all sorts of feelings for Dmitri, ranging from sympathy to despair sometimes!

I don’t want to give too much away, but it is truly a tragic love story which I can guarantee will leave you fulfilled and heartbroken at the same time!

Thank you Gill Paul for another fabulous book.

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