Tuesday 6 September 2016

Lizzie of Langley Street
Carol Rivers


I connected with the author Carol Rivers on Twitter and offered my “services” as a reviewer for her books as I went to her website and saw she writes London based family sagas. I am a sucker for a family saga and coming from South East London, I love books based in and around London, especially during/after worl war two.

The author very kindly sent me Lizzie of Langley Street and I promised to take it on holiday with me and am so glad I did! I finished it in just a couple of days!

Lizzie is distraught at the sudden death of her mother and with a disabled father who is suffering from severe depression after losing his legs during the war, Lizzie is thrown in at the deep end and is left having to keep the house together. Her elder brother Vinnie is in over his head with local gangsters and her other siblings are not helping with keeping on the straight and narrow either!

Having fallen in love with Danny Flowers, Lizzie is then given the bombshell that Danny will be emigrating to Australia to make his fortune. He is desperate for Lizzie to go with him, but how can she leave the bosom of her family so soon after the death of her mother? She declines and Danny vows to come back for her when he has made his millions! In the meantime, Danny’s brother Frank has eyes for Lizzie and can’t wait for Danny to be out of the picture so that he can make his move……..

I can’t tell you what a wonderful book this was. Full of emotion both good and bad and made me want to cry on more than one occasion!

I loved all the characters and the author’s description of the era was second to none. Obviously a great deal of research has gone into her novels.

I am chomping at the bit to read the sequel, as I have already had people on Twitter telling me how fabulous it is!! So as soon as I possibly can, I will be reading the next instalment of Lizzie Flowers!
If you love a good family saga then I urge you to go and buy a copy of this fabulous story of London family life. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you again to the author for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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  1. Thank you so much for this glowing review, Julie. I feel honoured you should take LIZZIE OF LANGLEY STREET with you on holiday. Your review came as a wonderful surprise this morning and I've doubled my 'elevenses latte' in celebration. Your most heartwarming remarks about the story inspire me on to writing LIZZIE's third book, (after THE FIGHT FOR LIZZIE FLOWERS) set during the wartime era. So again, a very big THANK YOU for your time and expertise. xx