Monday, 20 May 2019

I Know Who You Are
Alice Feeney

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Today, it's my turn on the Blog Tour for I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney and I am delighted that my lovely friend, Julie Williams, offered to review this one as I know this is an author she really likes.

Having read this Author’s debut Sometimes I Lie last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, I had great expectations for her new novel and I can say it didn’t disappoint.

It is a book with two time lines and stories which slowly emerge, unravelling so many disturbing things along the way. 

Aimee Sinclair is an up and coming actress, who, to an outsider, comes across as having the perfect life, but looks can be deceiving as we find out when she arrives home one day to find her husband Ben missing, her acting talent really does come into its own.

Aimee has so many hidden secrets, but the one thing she yearns for is a child of her own, this is something that controlling Ben is adamant is not going to happen. 

Aimee soon becomes a suspect when a body is discovered and she is more determined than ever to conceal her past. 

The chapters of Aimee in the late 1980’s are spoken with her childlike honesty. When she is kidnapped away from her family and home in Ireland to a new life in Essex I found her words particularly disturbing as she describes the terrifying ordeal.  Aimee’s childhood is certainly not a happy one, but then neither is her adult one.

No one is who you think they are and with so many twists I could not predict what was coming next, which of course is perfect reading for this genre of book. 

My thanks to HQ for the copy of this book and to Julie Boon for sharing my review on her blog as part of the blog tour.

Friday, 17 May 2019

The Liberty Girls
Fiona Ford
I am over the moon to be a part of the Blog Tour for The Liberty Girls by Fiona Ford. I was lucky enough to read Christmas at Liberty's and I must say, as sagas go, it was pretty fabulous and so I couldn't wait to read the next instalment. I have an extract for you today, but am taking this one on holiday with me in July and will review then for you. I would like to say a big thank you to Fiona Ford who has been a wonderful support over the last few months during what has been a truly sad time for me and my family. Thank you Fiona.

‘Please don’t leave, Dad, I’m begging you,’ she said, her voice full of fear.

Jimmy’s lined face hardened; he had always hated weakness and Alice cursed herself for showing him her true feelings. Drawing himself up to his full height he took a step forward and towered over his daughter.

‘Don’t start whining, girl. Dot here’s going to keep an eye on you. Besides, you’re old enough now to fend for yourselves. You’ll need to clear out the house by next month, the rent’ll be due.’ 

Alice turned to Dot, whose face was so contorted with anger, Alice could tell she was having difficulty speaking.

‘You’re really going away to America and leaving us without a penny or even a house?’ Alice said in disbelief. ‘Joy’s ten, she adores you, how do you think she’s going to feel? Her mum’s dead, you’re buggering off to the other side of the world and now we’re out on the streets?’
There was a pause then as Jimmy looked at his daughter and Alice could see him thinking it all through. Relief started to flood her. He was going to change his mind; it was going to be all right. 

‘Here you are,’ Jimmy said at last, pulling out a fistful of notes and a handful of change from his trouser pockets.
‘This ought to keep you going ’til you get a full-time job at least. Now, don’t say your old man ain’t generous. I know how to take care of me own.’ 
At the sight of the money in his hands Alice knew she was supposed to be grateful but all she really wanted to do was roar with laughter at the stupidity of it all. She also knew it wasn’t the time. Not if she wanted to avoid a black eye anyway. Instead she took a step back and surveyed the man who was her father. He looked old, she thought. His cauliflower ears, scarred cheeks and broken nose made him seem more advanced in years than he actually was.

Alice knew that he wasn’t running away because he was worried about retribution, or even about the police turning up at his door. He was going because he was worried about losing his position as leader of the Elephant Boys. The only thing that mattered to him was his stupid pride.  ‘Shove your bleedin’ money,’ she said, her eyes blazing angrily. 
‘We’ll be better off without you.’ 
‘Alice, love,’ Jimmy wheedled, reaching for her hand, palms still full of money, ‘there’s no need for that. I’ll write, course I will, when I can.’ As Dot snorted in disgust once more, Alice rounded on her father. ‘Don’t bother. We don’t need nothing off you, Jimmy Harris. You’re an ageing two-bob crook who’s always let me and Joy down. I hope I never see you again.’  At his daughter’s outburst Jimmy opened and closed his mouth. Then with an angry shrug, he shoved the money he had offered her back in his pocket, slammed the last of his suitcases shut and pushed past her without a backward glance. 

When Alice heard the front door slam, the tears started to flow. He really had gone. She might have hated him, but he was all she had. Her body heaving with sobs, Alice turned to Dot and whispered, ‘What do I do now?’
Extracted from The Liberty Girls by Fiona Ford (out now, published by Arrow)

Set around the iconic Carnaby Street department store at the height of the Blitz in London, this heart-warming story of friendship and courage in WWII was inspired by the real men and women who worked at Liberty during the 1940s.

During a visit to Liberty, author Fiona Ford discovered a plaque dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives during WWII. Intrigued by their potential stories, Fiona secured rare access to Liberty’s records and archives which served as inspiration for this exciting new saga series. 

March, 1942: new mother Alice Milward is itching to return to her job as a shop assistant at Liberty’s. Despite her husband still being missing in action, Alice is determined to give baby Arthur the best possible start. She soon settles back into the rhythm of life on the shop floor, and the Liberty Girls rally to help keep everything on an even keel. But when the American GIs start swarming into London, there are more complications to come. And each of the Liberty Girls has their own impossible storm to weather. As they each fight their battles on the home front, only their close friendship will give them the strength they need to carry on.

Praise for Fiona Ford‘A wonderful, uplifting story of friendship and courage. Characters that you can't help falling in love with! This new saga series will surely touch the hearts of saga readers everywhere’ Nancy Revell
‘A compelling first novel by Fiona Ford, which I promise you won't be able to put down’
Daisy Styles ‘A fabulous debut from an immensely talented author’ - Annie Groves‘Not often do books make me shed a tear, but this one did. *****’
‘Fiona transports you straight back in time to WWII and the attention to detail is fantastic.*****’’
Fiona Ford spent many years as a journalist writing for women’s weekly and monthly magazines before becoming a full time author. Fiona tirelessly combed the Westminster Archives and Liberty records for details about what life was really like working in London and Liberty during WWII, lending a true sense of authenticity to her writing. Fiona is also the author of the A Pug Like Percy books under the pseudonym, Fiona Harrison, as well as two sagas in her own name in the Spark Girls series. Fiona lives in Berkshire with her partner. Find out more about Fiona at

To read my review of the first book in the series, Christmas at Liberty's click here

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Cold Blooded
Diane O'Toole


I was asked by the author a few months ago now to review this book which is a sequel to Rings of Smoke which I reviewed a couple of years ago now on the blog. I did read it at the beginning of the year, but sadly, life (and death) got in the way of things in my life and so Boon's Bookcase had to take a back seat.

I can only apologise to the lovely, patient author, but hope that my review was worth the wait!

Whilst carrying out research into murders across the pond, Harris’ partner, Detective Constable Jones, discovers several bizarre killings along the famous Route 66, which leads him to believe there may be a link with the believed-dead serial killer, Leonard Fitch.
What follows is a cat and mouse that will shock on a scale never imagined and horrify beyond your darkest dreams.
In the long-awaited sequel to Rings of Smoke, discover what happens when evil evolves.

Serial killer Leonard Fitch was dead. Killed by his own hands in a fire in his house. It was rather that than being caught by the police for a string of kidnappings and murders and that was the last thing Fitch wanted after all the trouble he went to with stalking his victims and mutilating them.

The police can't believe their luck that the notorious Fitch, who was a very well respected Consultant Neurologist, is dead, after putting all the pieces together to catch him.

Meanwhile, in the USA a woman is murdered in a very similar way to the Fitch killings and a cold chill goes down the back of DS Harris who has been brought in to see if there is a resemblance to the murders in the USA with the ones carried out by Fitch here in the UK.

DS Harris and his boss, DC Mike Jones, travel to America to see if the murders are in fact, copycat killings, or by some twist of fate, could Fitch have been resurrected from the flames of his house after all and be responsible for yet more murders?

All they know, is that Harris and Jones must get to the bottom of this case before the killer strikes again...or is it already too late?

This is a very well written sequel to Rings of Smoke and I must admit, when I finished the first book, I was wondering if there would be a sequel, but couldn't really predict how it would come about knowing that Fitch was dead, but this one has been very cleverly written and totally believable.

It doesn't make for comfortable reading at times, there are some gruesome scenes, but that makes it all the more readable!

Thank you once again to Diane O'Toole for her patience and support over the last few months and I would thoroughly recommend both of these books (as long as you have a strong stomach!).

To order Rings of Smoke from Amazon click here

To order Cold Blooded from Amazon click here

Friday, 26 April 2019


What a fabulous cover reveal I have for you today! I love this authors books and the covers just seem to get better and better!. This beauty is out in hardback on 23rd May and I for one, can't wait!

Manchester, 1908. Attractive, intelligent Mary Maitland is furious to learn that her pompous boss will never promote her, simply because she is a woman. Despite financial support from her family, Mary is determined to strike out on her own and earn a living. She finds work at a women's employment agency, where her talent for writing is noticed and she begins publishing articles for newspapers and magazines. But in the face of strong opinions from her well-to-do family on the role of a woman, is it possible to be a dutiful daughter at the same time as spreading her wings?

To pre-order a copy of this book from Amazon click here

Thursday, 25 April 2019

The Daughters of Ironbridge
Mollie Walton
Today, I'm delighted to be hosting the final day in The Daughters of Ironbridge by Mollie Walton Blog Tour. This is the first book in a trilogy and I can guarantee that this series will get better and better, if this one is anything to go by! My review is below and I can't wait for the next instalment...

Anny and Margaret couldn't come from more different backgrounds in life, but together, they form a secret friendship that they are determined that nobody will break...

Anny Woodvine is the daughter of John, who works at the Ironbridge foundary for the King family. He is a hard worker and will do anything for his family and therefore works all the hours he can to put food on the table. They are a close and loving family.

Margaret King lives in a world of privilege, but her world couldn't be more different from Anny's. She lives in fear of her brother Cyril, who cares for nobody but himself and feels no love from her family at all.

When Anny and Margaret meet and become secret friends, you would think that they would have nothing in common with each other, but their friendship becomes stronger when the notorious Cyril gets up to his old tricks in the woods with a servant girl and they witness his wicked behaviour first hand.

Jake Ashford is a budding artist who wants to make his name painting industrial buildings and portraits of influencial buildings and Cyril King agrees to give him a chance. Jake is a dashing chancer. Will Anny and Margaret fall for his charming demeanour?

This is a great start to a new series, which in my opinion, will only get better and better if the ending to this one is anything to go by!

Thank you to the lovely author for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour and I'm counting down to the next one!

Friday, 19 April 2019

My Sister's Lies
S.D. Robertson

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Today, it's my turn on the Blog Tour for My Sister's Lies by S.D. Robertson. Thank you again to the lovely Julie Williams for reviewing for me and for keeping the blog going whilst I have been unable to. I appreciate everyone's thoughts, prayers and general loveliness whilst I have been dealing with my beautiful Mum's passing.

I hope to get back to full pelt soon with my reading and this author is one that I hope to catch up on soon as he always delivers great books! Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy Julie's review.

Another great read by S D Robertson, as this story examines a whole range of emotions mostly brought about by secrets and lies.

There are four central characters, Hannah, her husband Mark, Hannah’s twin sister Diane and Diane’s daughter Mia. They each have a difficult relationship with each other mainly due to events which occurred years ago.  These are revealed as the story progresses with Mia being the only innocent one in my eyes. 

When Diane and Mia suddenly turn up on Hannah’s doorstep after an absence of over 10 years, then leaving Mia in her care, a whole host of questions and worries set a new roller coaster in motion.

I think both Hannah and Diane had their faults and both felt guilty that they had allowed over a decade to pass with neither of them speaking.

Hannah turned to counselling during this time and some of the sessions are included chapters in this book.

Diane however focused on raising Mia and being the best Mum she could be as a single parent.

My thanks to NetGalley for the digital ARC, this is my own opinion of My Sister’s Lies.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

C.L. Taylor

Guest review
Julie Williams

Today it's my turn on the blog tour for the latest book by C.L. Taylor called Sleep. Below I have a guest review by Julie Williams. I am yet to read this book as the last few months have been very traumatic for me and I can't thank the lovely Julie W enough for stepping into my blogging/reviewing shoes! Also thank you to the equally lovely author Cally Taylor, who has given me lots of support recently too.

Guest Review
I have read all of Cally’s psychological thriller books, so when I was pre-approved by Avon publishers to read her latest I was delighted. This author has the knack to keep the reader guessing right to the end of the story and Sleep is no exception.
Anna decides to have a complete change of life hoping to rid herself of the guilt she has after being the driver of a mini bus returning from a team building exercise which was involved in a tragic accident leaving her colleagues dead or severely injured.  She is desperate to sleep and overcome her night terrors which have plagued her since. A new life on the Scottish Isle of Rum awaits with Anna being employed as a hotel worker. 
One of her first duties is to welcome seven visitors to the hotel but these turn out to have complex problems of their own. Strange events occur, leaving Anna not able to trust any of them.
I liken this book to a murder mystery, who dunnit and the remoteness of the hotel certainly added to the impact of the storyline as did the different characters with their own secrets and flaws.