Sunday 1 July 2018

The Dead Ex
Jane Corry

Guest review
Julie Williams

It's my turn on the Blog Tour for The Dead Ex by Jane Corry. I was lucky enough to meet the author last year at the London launch for her previous book and what a lovely lady she is! Today, I have a review by the equally lovely Julie Williams for you!

Review by Julie Williams

This is the first book that I have read by Jane Corry but she has another two published. I had the privilege of meeting Jane at a book event in London and as I have a particular passion for reading thrillers, I had no hesitation in reading this complex, twisty story. I must admit that I found the first third of this book very confusing with the continuous jumping of characters and time lines, but I fortunately persevered as there are many twists and surprises as the tale concludes. 

Once I got to grip with the connection of the characters I found myself enjoying it more and started to read large chunks at a time rather than in short bursts which helped the story flow.

The Dead Ex is built around an ex Prison Governor Vicki and her ex-husband who proves throughout that he is a deceitful, lying, cheating man, who Vicki for some strange reason still has great affection for. 

My wish is that I found myself willing the female characters of this book to be stronger and not so love struck that they fell so easily for his awful behaviour. I liked the insight into prison life and the twists that popped up along the way.

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