Saturday 19 September 2015

River of Souls by Kate Rhodes

Jude Shelley, daughter of a prominent cabinet minister, had her whole life ahead of her until she was attacked and left to drown in the Thames. Miraculously, she survived. A year later, her family ask psychologist Alice Quentin to re-examine the case. 
But then an elderly priest is attacked in Battersea, his body washed up at Westminster Pier. An ancient glass bead is tied to his wrist. 
The river has always demanded sacrifices, and now it seems a killer believes it's calling out for more.
Alice is certain that Jude and her family are hiding something, but unless she can persuade them to share what they know, more victims will drown...


This is the fourth book in the Alice Quentin series and I am such a fan of Kate Rhode's books that I eagerly await her next instalment every time! When this book was being published, Kate told me that she had mentioned me in the acknowledgements of River of Souls!! This absolutely made my day and I can honestly say, this has been the highlight of my blogging journey so far. I may not have my name in lights, but it's in a book!!

I love Alice, she is gutsy but also has a soft, vulnerable side to her. She treats everyone she sees with respect, but can also stick up for herself if backed into a corner! 

She is brought in to work with DCI Burns again and straight away the spark is there between them, although Burns is back with his wife "for the sake of the kids"! We all know how that one is going to end!

What I absolutely love about Kate's books is that they are all set in and around London. I know South London very well, having been born there and in every book in the Alice Quentin series Kate mentions places of historic interest that I knew nothing about and have had to Google it and have even visited one or two!! This book is full of interesting facts about the Thames which blend in with the story brilliantly.

If you like psychological thrillers you will love the Alice Quentin books I guarantee it! This book in my opinion is the most gruesome, but that only makes it more appealing! I can honestly say, I held my breath at some points in the book and could hear my heart racing.

This was the first book I chose to read when I went on holiday in August to Turkey and I had read over half of it on the plane!

Thank you so much to Kate Rhodes and Mulholland Books for sending me a copy of this book. I cannot wait for book 5 in this series as in my humble opinion, they are just getting better and better.

Just in case you didn't believe me!

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