Friday 3 August 2018

One Little Lie
Sam Carrington
It's my stop on the Blog Tour for One Little Lie by Sam Carrington and today I have an extract for you, so sit back and enjoy!

I think that went well. Connie is going to be helpful, I feel sure
of that. I must be guarded, though. Be careful not to tell too much;
think about how I’m saying things. She’s smart – she’s going to
chip away, use her psychological knowledge to get under my skin.
Attempt to get to the root of my issues. I want that as well, to a
degree. But I need to protect my son, still. I know what he did is
bad, and to some, unforgivable. But he’s my fl esh and blood. A
product of me. And him.
We created him, and I nurtured him. Despite what I try to
tell myself, it’s my fault he’s turned into this monster.
The walk back to the house is slow. The sun is shining, and it’s
quite pleasant – a mild day for February – but I feel heavy.
Cumbersome. I stop a few times, looking into random shop
windows. I know I’m not really seeing anything. My eyes don’t
focus on the displays. It’s like I’m looking past them into the
distance. Into my past. My future. Both are equally messed up.
I need to jolt myself out of this mood.
Should I attempt another visit to her house? I think getting to
the next stage will pull me out from under this dark cloud. It’s
been over a week since I was last there. Standing at her door full
of dread, but with an inkling of hope.
Hope is what I need right now.
I turn and head back to the lower end of town. I’ll get the bus,
go there while I’m feeling bold. No guarantee she’ll be there, of
course. I should try to fi gure out her schedule so I don’t waste
these bursts of courage by getting there and her being out.
I need to be more organised if I’m to achieve what I want.

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