Wednesday 12 July 2017

The Killing Grounds
Jack Ford

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Guest Review by Julie Williams

The Killing Grounds is the start of a new crime series and introduces ex US Navy turned high asset recovery investigator Thomas J Cooper. 

Thomas suffers from PTSD and is addicted to prescription drugs, not that he will admit it, but after his true love Ellie disappears following an encounter with Somali pirates his life changes forever. 

Thomas feels responsible and his passion in searching for her is relentless as well as damaging to his wife and colleague Maddison and their daughter Corrie. This story sees Thomas, Maddison and new recruit Rosedale on a mission to The Democratic Republic of Congo to recover a plane as the owner has defaulted on payments. This leads them all into extremely dangerous territory as the country is totally corrupt and lawless. 

They soon get caught up in uncovering and helping its citizens who are suffering due to poverty, conflict, corruption and death.

This book has a strong US political thread that is interwoven with Coppers assignment which I enjoyed. 

Thanks to HQ Stories and NetGalley for the ARC copy. 

This is my honest opinion.

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