Friday 14 July 2017

Holiday in the Hamptons
Sarah Morgan

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Guest review by Julie Williams

Firstly what a gorgeous summery cover this novel has, it is screaming holiday read! 

Holiday in the Hamptons is the 5th book from the fabulous Manhattan With Love series, but like all the others in this series can be read as a standalone. 

Personally I just love getting re-acquainted with the characters from the previous books as it gives me an incite as to how their lives have moved on.

This story focus’s on Fliss and Seth, who were married for a short time when Fliss was just 18 years old, but picks up their lives some 10 years later. 

Fliss is still damaged emotionally from her relationship with her father as a child and is extremely protective of her twin sister Harriet. 

As the book progresses Seth and Fliss meet up again and although it is clear that there is still a spark between them, Seth is determined to take it slower this time and show Fliss that she is a good worthy person.

I must admit that this story did take me a bit longer than usual to get into but it was well worth the perseverance as I found this novel a lovely romantic read.

Many thanks to Net galley for the ARC.

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