Tuesday 18 July 2017

The Art of Hiding
Amanda Prowse

Guest Review 
Julie Williams

Guest Review by Julie Williams

I always look forward to Amanda Prowse latest novel as I have grown to know that I am in for a treat and The Art of Hiding certainly lived up to that.

The main character Nina shows strength, guts and courage when her life is turned upside down at the sudden death of her beloved husband Finn. 

Nina had been leading a charmed life since marrying Finn, a big house in a sought after area, numerous holidays, beautiful clothes, private school for their sons Connor and Declan, she didn’t want for anything. All their lives changes so rapidly after Finn’s death that Nina and her sons are not only left grieving for a man they adore but also they are left shell shocked when their lives are forced into the complete opposite of what they are used to. 

My heart went out to the boys especially and I thought the way Nina coped with the bereavement was truly admirable. 

This story is not just about grief and life changes but also family relationships past and present.

Thank you Amanda for another fabulous read your talent is endless. 

My thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.

You can order a copy of The Art of Hiding here

Published on Kindle 18th July 2017 and paperback on 22nd August 2017.

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