Saturday 26 November 2016

The Fight for Lizzie Flowers
Carol Rivers


After reading the first Lizzie story, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this sequel and it didn't disappoint! 

I was warned that the beginning of this second book had a fantastic twist and wow I didn't see that coming! It started with a cliffhanger and it didn't end there! 

Lizzie is trying to move on with her life after Frank's death and by building a life with his brother Danny seems the next step to a more settled life in the East End, but with any London family saga, nothing ends up being that simple!

I think Lizzie has become a lot more independent in this sequel. She is running the greengrocer shop owned by her Father in Law, but has plans to expand and make the business grow, but local gangsters who run protection rackets have other ideas.

This is another cracker of a novel by the lovely Carol Rivers and when I reviewed the first Lizzie book, the author said that I had inspired her to pick up her pen and start writing book three about Lizzie!! I can't wait for that one! I feel there is so much more to come from Lizzie and her family. This book has highs and lows, but through it all it shows the true grit that Londoner's had during a time of hardship and poverty. Beautifully written and thoroughly researched. Thank you Carol, I do love a good old London family saga!

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  1. As yesterday, Julie, a beautifully written review and all the important elements drawn from Lizzie's story. Thank you again for this comprehensive taster of London and specifically Eastender family drama. Boon's Bookcase never fails to lure me in before I start my writing day and Friday and Saturday of this week have been very special in a personal sense. Keep reviewing in your own inimitable style, Julie. No wonder you have so many appreciative followers. Love from Carol xx