Sunday 20 November 2016

Mistletoe on 34th Street
Lisa Dickenson

Guest Review
Julie Williams


This gorgeous book is set in New York and Lisa describes this holiday season so wonderfully that I wish I could go off to the travel agents and buy my ticket right now! 

There are mixtures of characters in this story, some I warmed to straight away, while others took time to grow on me but in the end they all felt perfect for this tale.

Olivia, the central character, has never experienced a traditional Christmas and prefers to spend her festive holidays home alone. This year she is really looking forward to some peace and solitude as she is put in charge of taking five colleagues across the pond to a conference in order to gain support and interest for the company they work.

There are comical moments as well as romantic ones and friendships are brought together and made in the Big Apple. 

After reading this book I think that being stranded in New York would not be a problem for me as I would love to visit all the tourist attractions that Olivia goes to. It’s certainly a city on my bucket list now.

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