Thursday 25 January 2018

The Chalk Man
C J Tudor

I'm extremely pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour for The Chalk Man by C J Tudor. This book is getting rave reviews on social media and I, for one, can't wait to read it. It is definitely on my TBR pile for this year! Thank you Julie Williams for reviewing (although she didn't take much persuading when I asked if she would read it!!).

Guest Review
Julie Williams


I heard a lot of excitement about The Chalk Man on social media so when I was asked to review it by Julie Boon as she is on the blog tour I didn’t hesitate and made it my next read. 

To say that this story is gripping and full of suspense is an understatement and one that I devoured over the weekend with unwelcome interruptions like housework stopping me from reading in one sitting. I love the book cover as it is simple yet perfect for this deep creepy novel. I did find that I had to concentrate quite hard as there are many characters, some of whose connected relationships are revealed as the story unfolds, but I did find them relevant and interesting.

The tale is told between two time periods 1980 and 2016 with Eddie Addams being the main character and the story is told through his voice. He and his four friends who in 1980 are 12 year old children experiencing the usual carefree lives that is normal until there is a horrific accident at the local fair when a young pretty girl is seriously injured after a waltzer car becomes unattached from the ride. This event changes everything for the group and is the start of sinister occurrences in Anderbury.

In 2016 Ed, now in his forties, is finally forced to confront the past and his theories of who committed the murders and why. This new decade brings more death and harm and eventually answers are revealed with shocking and surprising results. 

A great read by C J Tudor, who certainly has a talent for creating and telling a dark, spine chilling story.

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