Sunday 22 October 2017

Hiding In Plain Sight
By Susan Lewis

Guest Review
Julie Williams

Century /Penguin Random House

I found this another fabulous book written by Susan Lewis that tackles some difficult topical subjects, as well as delving into a complex Mother /Daughter relationship. I was hooked with the plot from the start and found it a good read. 

Andee Lawrence, ex-detective, couldn’t find her sister Penny who disappeared at the age of just 14 years old but then neither could her father who also worked in the police force. Obviously a missing child has a huge impact on all the family not knowing if they are dead or alive so much so that their father died leaving Andee and her mother Maureen to continue with their lives always waiting and wondering. 

Fast forward 30 years and Andee is in France renovating a beautiful villa when she is approached by a silver Mercedes car and a woman in the back seat who utter the words ‘Remember Me?’ before driving off. Could this be Penny?

Andee and her family’s life are about to change forever.

Andee and Maureen are lovely caring characters who tenaciously reach out to Penny offering unconditional love,  but Penny with her warped outlook on life is truly different and it soon becomes apparent just how damaged she is due to her previous life. 

Thank you to Louise Page for the gorgeous hardback copy and to Julie for allowing me to guest review on her blog.

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