Wednesday 4 October 2017

Christmas At Mistletoe Cove
By Holly Martin

This delightful story takes us back to Hope Island at Christmas time with its town brightly decorated it is the most magical setting. Everyone is looking forward to the festivities and Eden Lancaster is most excited of all as her best friend Dougie Harrison is back from New York and not just for the holidays but for good. 

There is definitely a spark between the two of them but neither of them is keen to start up a romantic relationship as their long lasting friendship is so good they do not want to jeopardise it.

This is a lovely fairy tale that I was addicted to from the start and complete with hopes, dreams, wishes and fairy dust this is just what I needed when reading a Christmas romance story. 

Holly Martin writes some gorgeous tales and I would not hesitate in recommending you read not only the others in this Hope Island series, but all her others. She brings all the characters to life with warmth and depth that leaves you feeling that you have gained some more friends.

A 5 star read. 

Published by Bookouture

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